Cyber ​​security: why is the Cyber-security Risk Assessment important?

The Cyber-security Risk Assessment is an analysis of the information system of an organization aimed at identifying potential vulnerabilities that can put the security of company data at risk it security and cyber security singapore.

Nowadays, cyber risk is becoming increasingly important, so much so that it is now defined as a critical risk. Furthermore, the IT assets that can be subject to cyber attacks are increasingly strategic for all the activities of organizations and their protection can no longer be neglected.

What makes cyber attacks more and more numerous and harmful is the ease with which they can be carried out and this situation arose from a general underestimation of the cyber danger. This leads to a lack of minimal precautionary measures such as changing passwords with an adequate frequency or deactivating the credentials of employees who are no longer employed.

To reduce the Cyber ​​risk it is necessary to be foresighted and able to mitigate the impact of any IT security incidents: in this context, the first thing to do is to analyze the company reality and then organize an IT risk management path.

To understand the risks associated with the digitalisation of processes, develop a risk culture and integrate information security into business processes, the IT risk assessment must be based on:

IT infrastructure analysis;

analysis of the type of data and information processed;

analysis of access policies to corporate systems and networks;

analysis of the policies and prevention and protection measures implemented in the Cyber ​​Security field.