Learn more about the standard mooring methods

Mooring is a process through which the ships attach themselves temporarily to an anchor that is fixed or in floating form. It helps keep the ship stable during any loading and unloading process. The mooring process is done to ensure the heavy current, tide, etc.

Different kinds of mooring methods

  • The single point mooring is used in specific ports with no such facilities for any large ships. It can only be done in favorable weather conditions with low waves or wind.
  • When the two prows are fixed with the help of two anchors, and the poop is fixed to a buoy, it is referred to as multi buoy mooring.
  • The third type of mooring, referred to as Baltic mooring, is used when there are strong winds at the port and when the boat cannot be moored without tugboats.
  • The fourth kind of mooring is known as Mediterranean mooring in conditions with insufficient dock space making it harder for the boat to be moored.
  • When the vessel uses the anchors along the mooring lines to drag the ship, it is referred to as anchor mooring.

More about the mooring process

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