The A To Z To Know About Barcode Ribbon

Barcode Ribbonis mainly an important attribute to consider especially for the thermal transfer printer. It’s also important if the business is mainly dealing with printing different types of labels for the projects, starting from jar labels to shipping labels.

Different types of barcode ribbons to know about

Ribbons are mainly categorized into 3 different types such as, wax, resin as well as wax/resin. Picking from these three categories will mainly rely on what type of barcode material one will be printing on:-

  1. In the case of the indoor asset, labels wax for the paper or the wax/resin ribbon for polypropylene will be suitable for the labels.
  2. For the outdoor asset labels, they mainly need a durable medium that is water or humidity-resistant, as well as chemical-resistant. For durability, a polyester medium using the resin ribbon will make the labels last longer.
  3. One can find the product labels on the bottles, canned goods, plastic, as well as paper or cardboard packaging. One can use wax ribbons for printing on these types of labels.
  4. The tags which will be used permanently, like inventory tags, are mainly printed on some of the durable materials like polypropylene, so one should match it with the wax/resin ribbon.

Properly labeling the barcode ribbons or placing the chart of which ribbons are mainly to use for each of the print jobs.

These are some of the important facts to know about ริบบอนบาร์โค้ด(barcode ribbons).