Wine Fridge: An Overview

A wine refrigerator is a temperature control appliance designed to store wine. It is essentially the modern version of a wine cave or cellar but with a more compact footprint. A wine fridge provides a safe home for wine at the proper temperature while showcasing the bottles.

What are the advantages of having a Wine Fridge?

It is essential because it maintains the proper temperature for the wine. There are also other benefits of having a wine fridge. They are-

  1. Less expensive than a wine cellar- A wine cooling unit must be kept at the cellular temperature and humidity at ideal levels that cost between $1000 to $10,000 or even more. On the other hand, a wine fridge costs course $200 to $2000.
  2. Preserves the Humid temperature- Humidity can be detrimental to wines. Regular kitchen refrigerators are designed to remove the humidity from the air in the fridge. While wine refrigerators are designed to maintain the humidity inside the unit, this is important as the humidity would keep the cork sweating and slow down the aging process.
  3. Keeps wine fresh and longer- Wines are sensitive to temperature changes; if exposed to extreme cold or hot,they would lose their flavor more than unusual.
  4. Environmental friendly – Wine coolers use a thermoelectric cooling medium, a common alternative to compressor-based wine coolers.It saves energy around the home and, in turn,preserves the environment.

Apart from preserving the wine,these refrigerators also keep away the unwanted odor from the fridge